Someone tries to insult Loki by calling him the biggest cocksucker in the universe but Loki just gets so excited like REALLY? YOU’VE HEARD OF ME? ;A;

#I’d like to thank my brother for his fantastic cock #which inspired me all of these long years to be my very best #I remember when I was only 500 years old sucking cock behind the guard house #and I’ll never forget when I first got to put my mouth on Thor’s dick #I knew all of my training had led me to that moment #I’ve spent centuries with that dick in my throat #I can make a blowjob last for hours #or I can make Thor come in 30 seconds flat #I know I’m the best #thank you for finally recognizing my greatness with this award #what do you mean there’s no frickin award #THORRRRRRR #(Loki gets so upset Thor has to buy him a plaque that says ‘World’s Biggest Cocksucker’ on it) #(Loki thanks him with a blowjob. Lucky Thor)
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